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From Earths Primary Water 

to Your Bottle

Water is an essential resource for all life on Earth, and ensuring access to clean and fresh water is a pressing concern. While most of us rely on surface water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, there is another hidden source of water that holds immense potential - Sacred primary water.
What is Primary Water?
Primary Water
Primary water, also known as juvenile water or magmatic water, is a vast underground reservoir of freshwater that exists beneath the Earth's surface. It is not derived from the hydrological cycle like surface water, but rather originates from deep within the Earth's mantle. This water is believed to be continuously replenished by the Earth's internal processes, making it an almost limitless source of freshwater.
The Birth of Natural Springs
Primary water plays a crucial role in the formation of natural springs. When the Earth's crust is fractured, primary water can rise to the surface, creating springs that provide a steady flow of fresh water. These springs are often found in areas with geological features such as fault lines or fractures that allow the water to reach the surface.
As primary water emerges from the ground, it undergoes a natural filtration process, ensuring its purity and making it an excellent source of drinking water. Natural springs have been revered by civilizations throughout history for their pristine and healing properties.
Utilizing Primary Water: The Creation of Wells
Wells are one of the traditional methods used to access primary water. To create a well, a borehole is drilled deep into the Earth's crust until it reaches the primary water source. Once the water is reached, it can be pumped to the surface for various purposes, such as drinking, irrigation, or industrial use.
The process of well drilling requires expertise and careful planning. Geologists and hydrologists study the geological formations and conduct surveys to identify potential primary water sources. By understanding the hydrogeology of an area, they can determine the most suitable location for drilling a well.
Modern technology has significantly improved the efficiency of well drilling. Advanced drilling techniques, such as rotary drilling and hydraulic fracturing, allow for deeper and more precise access to primary water sources. Additionally, sophisticated well pumps and filtration systems ensure the extraction of clean and uncontaminated water.
The Advantages of Primary Water
Primary water offers several advantages over traditional surface water sources. Firstly, it is not subject to the same limitations as surface water, such as droughts or pollution. This makes primary water a reliable and sustainable source of freshwater, particularly in arid regions or areas facing water scarcity.
Furthermore, primary water is naturally filtered and devoid of many contaminants found in surface water sources. This inherent purity reduces the need for extensive treatment processes, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for water supply.
Primary water represents a hidden treasure beneath our feet, offering an almost limitless supply of fresh water. Understanding its origins and harnessing its potential through well drilling allows us to tap into this invaluable resource. As we face the challenges of water scarcity and increasing demand, primary water provides a promising solution for ensuring access to clean and sustainable water for future generations.
Our Sacred Primary Water is called Ubuntu: From Earth's Veins to Your DNA. 
​We are working with structured still water, carbonated water, juiced water and earth's first commercially available oxygenated water . We have secured several wells, and have obtained all; legal licenses, permissions to provide, sell and export nationally and internationally in different sizes and different materials. 


Sizes that will be available are 0.33ml, 0.5ml, 750ml, 1.5lit and will come in biodegradable paper, recyclable zero carbon plastic, and high quality charged glass. We have started exporting to the UK, Italy, & UAE.  This will be followed by 20 other countries and eventually the whole world .  
We have insured and confirmed in our Mission and Vision :
  1. Sustainable Source Selection: Ubuntu's journey begins with the identification of pristine primary water sources, a task entrusted to geologists and hydrologists. These experts ensure extraction doesn't harm the environment. We successfully have 3 different wells.
  2. Extraction with Care: Ubuntu Primary Water employs environmentally friendly extraction methods like minimal impact drilling to minimize any harm to the primary water source and its surroundings or contamination. 
  3. Preserving Purity: The inherent purity of primary water significantly reduces the need for extensive treatment, making Ubuntu Water an eco-conscious choice and most importantly rich in minerals and electrolytes.
  4. Responsible Packaging and Distribution:  Ubuntu Water is bottled using sustainable materials, such as glass or recyclable plastics, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. With a collaborative distribution strategy and production alliances. 
Sustainability and Ubuntu's Ethical Commitment
Sustainability and ethics are at the core of Ubuntu Water:
  • Guarding the Source: Ubuntu Water rigorously safeguards primary water sources to prevent over-extraction and contamination.
  • Community Engagement: Ubuntu actively involves local communities to ensure that the extraction process brings economic and environmental benefits to the areas it operates in.
  • Transparent Branding: Ubuntu Water takes pride in its transparent approach, sharing details about primary water sources, extraction methods, and sustainability initiatives with consumers.
The Future with Ubuntu Water
Ubuntu Water presents a promising solution to the global water crisis. As awareness about this hidden treasure and Ubuntu's sustainable practices spreads, it has the potential to complement traditional water sources and reduce the strain on the planet's ecosystems.
Fayez Moukarem

Fayez Moukarim
Chief Executive Officer

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Ramiz Moukarim
Chief Financial Officer

Layal Salha

Layal Salha
Head of Manufacturing 

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Lilian Jaafar - Brand Builder

Basem Gharzedine 
Head Of Marketing 

Lilian Jaafar
Head of Branding
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