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Cultivating Unity
and Flavor

Oregano Farming Transforms

Ras El Maten into a Sustainable

Community Haven

The One Small Town initiative is working on over 100 projects in Ras El Matn alone . A famous saying by Hippocrates is ‘Let food be thy medicine ‘  We add , ‘ and let your farm and or food garden be your pharmacy ‘. 
In the heart  of Ras El Maten we are growing over 150 products . some for self sustainability and town consumption , and others for both , consumption and selling . 

Ras El Matn is being transformed into an Oregano Haven. 

Oregano & Oregano oil are super foods & medicines . Oregano  adds flavor to savory dishes , and is part of the Lebanese daily breakfast like the famous ‘manakeesh’.  More importantly , its health benefits are incredible due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. It is rich in antioxidants & Its medicinal benefits help treat skin, aching muscles, asthma, indigestion, colds and boost overall health amongst others . 
It grows naturally in Ras El Matns land and passes all the important tests in farming: Things like popularity, maturity, yielding, price & seasonality . 
The demand nationally and internationally is high , and One Small Town international has a department dedicated to support all our initiatives in Marketing, legality , accountability and most importantly getting us clients through letter of intents and off-take agreements .  Companies like ‘Holland and Barrett’ and ‘Tesco’ Uk are our clients.  ‘Using the tools of enslavement as tools of liberation’ . 
The Business plan has a Vision to grow 100 Hectares of land (1,000,000m2). We have successfully as of 7/7/2023 started on over 5 hectares (50,000m2). 7 different owners of land, from different families, that are all Ras El Matn Residents and are One Small Town Members have joined and accepted the Economic Model which states , All businesses must share a minimum of 60% of their profits to the community members & 10% to One Small Town local , national and international offices. 
Ras El Matn has over 1000 active  co-members on the (blockchain -like platform) that allows all the data and information to be shared and used within the community . A reminder that the members are co-owners in all businesses opened . As long as an average of 3 hours is given per week , products and services produced will be given and most importantly monthly cash dividends. Work we do, generated tokens which are being traded as an extra source of income ‘under a ‘sweat equity based asset’ . For the members its a way of logging in and having control over the information and will provide additional income. 
From those members, over 500 have participated in working on the Oregano farm in several 3 hour shifts . Some hundreds of hours. The youngest was 16 , the oldest was 89 years of age. 
We have had the poorest members of  families join,  all the way to one of the richest men in town participate . More importantly we had the Mayor of Ras El Matn join and support the initiative and give several shifts in the farm ‘The Respectable Honest Mr Raja Abou-raslan.
The normal costs that farmers have from human resources has been minimized , and now instead of high wages, what we get is guaranteed sales and high margins of profits which are then shared. Pure Genius .  
Collaboration is the key to our success.
From planting seeds to the joyous harvest festivals, every step is a communal effort. Together, we are sowing the seeds of unity and reaping the rewards of a shared endeavor.
Our commitment goes beyond the fields. Sustainable farming practices are at the core of our mission. Through the use of organic fertilizers of which we produce, water conservation techniques from technologies we have, unlimited access of sacred primary water , and responsible waste management which currently is being executed to create biogas and harness electricity . We are crafting a model for agriculture that respects and preserves the environment and can be replicated as a model to other One Small Towns.
As our oregano fields flourish, so do economic opportunities for the community. From local markets to unique oregano-based products, we are turning our harvest into a source of economic empowerment that transcends the boundaries of our small town.
Please start by becoming a member . Then start participating in our many projects , and or chose to invest with Land or in any other project , including sharing your business ideas or dreams that we can make a reality for you.  


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OST Oregano Farming
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