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Art Academy

A Vision Unveiled: Ras El Matn's Art Academy in the Heart of One Small Town


One Small Town academy is a new world of creativity, musical and art education where students, members young and old, not only learn common classes such as piano, guitar, ballet, yoga, mosaics, calligraphy,  art, sculptures, drawing, dancing 

This academy is also a hub, for events, meetings, competitions and training. Chess tournaments have been very successful, and now a music and film production company has been activated within the academy. 

Ras El Matn is a hub of innovative ideas and creativity. To stay updated on the vibrant happenings in this remarkable town, simply follow the instructions in the first comment. Join us in celebrating the fusion of art, education, and community in the heart of One Small Town.


For info on classes and services or to participate as a teacher , instructor or member , please contact us . 


Art Academy Director

Nabil Makarem

Nabil Makarem
Head of Gallery and Academy

Nabil was born and raised in Gabon, Central Africa, which greatly influenced their passion for art, love for animals, and attention to detail. With 15 years of experience in teaching art, they now own a private art center in Beirut called the "Nabil Makarem Art Center" where they offer classes in painting and drawing for all ages. Nabil is also the head of One Small Town Ras El Matn Gallery & Academy. The academy provides complimentary classes in art, singing, and musical instruments for all members and their children.

Zeina El Khatib Makarem
Head of Academy

She is a visual artist who studied art at the Institute of Fine Arts. She holds a Master's degree in Social Sciences. She has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Lebanon and abroad, as well as various symposiums in different regions of Lebanon since the year 2000.
She held her solo exhibition in 2011 at the Sheraton in Hamra titled "Reflection of Light." With over 25 years of experience in teaching art, she is an art teacher at the Modern Manar School and Leila Saad Saab School in Metn. She is also a professional instructor in teaching art to different age groups using various techniques through "Atelier d'Art by Zeina."
Zeina has received several awards and certificates for her work.
Zeina El Khatib Makarem


Ras El Matn - Art Academy
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