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Meet The Team


Founder of Onesmalltown

Michael Tellinger 

Is a South African author, politician, scientist, explorer and founder of the Ubuntu Party. Ubuntu which translates to ‘I am, Because we are has given birth to the incredible economic model of One small town which through collaboration, co-operation & co-ownership provides prosperity for all its members. ​ This real life Indiana jones has made groundbreaking discoveries about Sound & our ancient world and is now proving how a simple one small town model is the answer & the solution to the many difficult situations the world has been facing.

Nahida Reslan Salha

Project Manager

Nahida Reslan Salha

Nahida Reslan Salha is a highly experienced co-owner and project manager of One Small Town. She is focused on 20 high-profit investments across key sectors such as electricity, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Nahida has a background in management, HR, and finance, and is also an expert in beekeeping, an entrepreneur, and a mother of four. She has a history of community service and understands the importance of self-sustainability, independence, security, and creating a thriving economy for future generations. Nahida believes in working in harmony with nature and is convinced that One Small Town can make a positive impact on the world.


Concept Store Manager

Nagham Ghazal

Nagham Ghazal, the manager of Bayt El Day3a, epitomizes cooperative leadership. Her deep connection to her community drove her to establish One Small Co, transforming it into a vibrant hub of cooperation and co-ownership. Under her guidance, the community thrives with shared purpose, resonating with remarkable energy. Nagham's commitment to nurturing relationships and inclusivity makes her a catalyst for change, showcasing the remarkable results of collective effort.

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Art Gallery Director 

Lamya Makarem

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Brand Developer

Lilian Jaafar

Lilian is a skilled professional with extensive experience in social media and branding. She is a member of the One Small Town Lebanon team and is responsible for managing several companies that are being launched, including a concept store, art gallery, health center, primary bottling water, and locally made products ready for export. When she learned about the One Small Town project being implemented in her hometown of Ras El Matn, she was instantly drawn to the amazing philosophy and wanted to be part of this incredible change. Lilian believes that people are the driving force behind any successful project, and that money alone cannot accomplish anything.

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Head of Dental Medical Center

Nidal Makarem

Dentist graduated in Venezuela since 2001, specialist in dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics... he was coordinator and political adviser in the Ministry of Health in Venezuela for 7 years, director of the popular health program with more than 3000 practicing professionals... carried out colloquiwm in lebanon in the year 2018 Currently enrolled in the lebanese dental college ... is a member of the lebanese society of orthodontics. He currently practices the profession in the health center called advanced dental medical center in chouiaefet and is the orthodontist of the Richa dental servise clinic located in the hamra beirut

Nour Makarem.jpeg

Head of Youth Council Group

Nour Makarem

My name is Nour Sara Makarem. I am a Sociology major at AUB and a writer for One Small Town at Ras El Maten. I enjoy learning about all things spirituality and sustainability, whether that be with regards to health, food, or skincare, as well as unlocking ancient knowledge. My hobbies include singing, reading, and practicing pilates. I am excited to share what we have been doing here at One Small Town and to help make the world a better place.

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Lebanese Ambassador

Fayez Moukarim

Born in Beirut Lebanon , has spent 4 decades in 5 continents including Growing up in the UK & working in Venezuela, New York & Lagos Nigeria. The aviation graduate, quantum physics, energy & health researcher came to realise very quickly that we are all earthiens and should not be living in a world of Fear, Separation & scarcity. Once chosen as Ambasador for Lebanon he has dedicated his time & energy into making this a reality . Several villages have accepted this new world with Ras El Matn leading the way as a blue print for the rest. Working with mother nature & advanced technologies creates a new world of Unity , love & Abundance

Mona Mashtoub

Consultant & Office Manager

Mona El Mashtoub

Mona El Mashtoub is a OST Ras El Matn Co-owner , ‘Consultant & Office Manager’ She has been working in the Law sector for years always fighting for justice & is now Finishing her master’s in Law. She is also a private tutor applying her experience to create a better world for our children filled with, love, security, peace & prosperity. She understood early as a young scout how knowledge, efficiency, co-operation, discipline & leadership in unity leads to nothing but Success. She has done an incredible job with Our membership program that has hundreds & will soon have thousands joining.

Walid Hilal

Head of Asset Management

Walid Hilal

Walid’s many skills and talents along with his analytical observations have been proven a big success in his achievements over several sectors in the last 2 decades, from banking, real estate , procurement & Catering. His dream of seeing Ras El Matn in a self sustainable & independent thriving economy is now an opportunity in the making with this incredible One Small Town economic model being implemented that is based on collaboration & embracing advanced technologies & working with mother nature. 'We owe this to our children . They deserve to be independent , happy & to live in prosperity’ Said the Ras El Matn Resident & One Small town Member. History is being made .

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Denize Nwayhed

She has played an incredible role in leading by example, training the team , from all ages, (13 year old teens to an 80 year old women) , members giving 3 hours a week to others on part time or full time schedules. Her patience, grace and sense of humour has added to the awesome positive energy that you will find in this community store.

Nabil Makarem

Head of Gallery & Academy

Nabil Makarem

“Being born in Gabon, Central Africa & living there for 14 years played a big role in my inspiration for arts , my love for animals & my attention for details which reflected directly into my early work. Currently I have 15 years of experience in teaching arts & i own a private art center in Beirut “Nabil Makarem Art Center” where i teach painting and drawing techniques for all ages. A class session includes the academic drawing courses such as portrait, anatomy, perspective in addition to abstract painting . But now my involvement in heading the One Small Town Ras El Matn Gallery & Academy where i live , has altered my life by reminding me how a simple idea can become a reality and IS changing the world. Ras el Matn’s gallery owned by our Members will offer arts to see and buy on the weekends , with extravagant & exclusive arts to be sold monthly on our NFT One Small Town Platform . What's really unique is the way our artists will eternally receive royalties each time the NFT’s are re-sold. Most importantly our One Small Town academy will give all its members including their children complimentary classes in art, singing, musical instruments & more.” In Love & Unity

Jamal Makarem

Head of Law Department 

Jamal Makarem

Jamal is the head of the law department in a small town. He is a dedicated attorney with years of experience and a passion for justice. He has a reputation for his exceptional legal expertise and commitment to his clients. Jamal is also single, enthusiast and passionate reader, who hopes to start a family one day.

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Head of IT

Samer BG

Samer BG is an experienced IT professional recently moved to Ras El Matn, to support the Lebanese team. With over five years of experience, Samer is talented on identifying growth opportunities and developing actionable plans to help businesses succeed. He has variety of skills in Strategic Planning, Project Management, Data Analysis, and Market Research, and he is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and deliver results.

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