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Welcome to our
​Beekeeping Community
Empowering Sustainability, Innovation, and Collaboration
​Join us in building a better tomorrow! Learn more about our sustainable initiatives and how you can get involved.
Our Unique Bee World Initiative in the One Small Town Village of Ras El Matn is a $3.9 Million investment being supported by the sales of the One Small Town Infinity Tokens, the world's first Community-Based token of its type, based on Tangible assets, investments with High ROI and most importantly sweat equity being provided.

Our 9,000 Bee Hives will supply products such as vinegar, soap, shampoo, body creams, candles, and most importantly honey, venom, pollen, propolis, bee hives, intelligent beehives, AI beehives, bee broods, and more...

Services also provided will be Api therapy, Api tourism, Air therapy, Bee Certification, Bee Air therapy, Bee Retreats for Vibrations, and Bee Lab testing amongst others.

One of the most valuable products of the Unique Bee World Initiative is honey. Not only does honey have an indefinite shelf life, but it also has numerous health benefits, including its ability to soothe sore throats, heal wounds, and provide energy. The village's focus on self-sustainability and co-ownership is reflected in the idea that "honey is money." The sale of honey and other bee-related products will generate income for the village, which can then be reinvested into the community.

Overall, the Unique Bee World Initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in sustainable development. By working together as bees do, the village of Ras El Matn is creating a thriving economy based on the production of high-quality, bee-related products and services. This initiative is a model for other communities looking to promote sustainability, self-sufficiency, and community ownership.
Our Master Beekeeper
Ghani Salha

Ghani Salha
Beekeeping Expert

Listen to the bees and let them guide you' was a phrase Mr Ghani said to the One Small Town Ambasador when they first met , september of 2022. 
Ghani is one of the most experienced Beekeepers of the world. With Nearly 30 years of experience. 
He is a full time manager of apiaries and is constantly learning and improving his skills and knowledge, not only by working with the bees, mother nature, the local areas and the current seasons, but also by communicating with an international network and traveling to all sorts of conferences, and conventions around the world. 
His mission is to first get one small town to 10,000 operating bee hives and maintain the best quality in products and services . 
His love and interest for one small town comes from the way it imitates the bee world. 
A prosperous world based on Unity, collaboration, co ownership and love . 
Ras El Matn - Beekeeping Initiative
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