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One Small Town Ras El Matn Health Centre Set to Open Soon, Offering State-of-the-Art Medical Care and Advanced Technologies
Welcome to the One Small town Ras El Matn Health Centre! We are proud to announce that our project is well underway and we will be opening our doors to the public very soon. $3.5 Million dollars has been invested to make sure all the construction, equipment, furniture and technology along with natural gardens and harmonious areas all fit the standard needed from our local members and international clients .We owe our success to the One Small Investor tokens being sold on our international platform which has enabled us to create thriving communities based on unity, collaboration, and prosperity.
Our 6-floor building (feng shui designed, and charged with crystals and negative ions) is dedicated to promoting and improving the health and well-being of our community and members both nationally and internationally.
Our team consists of over 20 Doctors and 40 professional and skilled healthcare workers who are committed to providing high-quality health care using advanced technologies found across the world, combined with breakthrough science and ancient wisdom to attend injuries, chronic illnesses, and prevent and cure diseases, amongst others. We understand that Natural immunity is the way to go. 
Our facility will feature state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including an advanced diagnostic laboratory, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, ozone therapy , colon cleansers, royal rife machines, thermal readers,& scans, live blood analysis, fully equipped dental department, Ent, ophthalmology , cosmetic surgery ,organic store (specializing in local and seasonal produce)  & natural pharmacy ,organic kitchen, biofield tuning, physiotherapy, psychology ,advanced and reliable protocols for dermatologists, oncologists and pediatricians including  minor surgery, operating rooms, and a rehabilitation center. We will also offer a range of services, including primary care, specialized medical services, emergency care, preventative care and yoga, grounding, time with nature, mud bath, cold water bath, sleep in dark and no sound rooms amongst others. .
Over 1000 co-members and co-owners will be participating by giving 3 hours a week in different areas such as, valet parking, security, supervisors, assistants, cleaning,hosting, selling, marketing and more . 
A brand new building consisting of four floors, 8 apartments, 24 bedrooms with its own bathroom will be available for clients (3 minutes away)  who will be picked up from the airport and taken to the One Small Town Health Centre Suites of which a daily shuttle will be taking our clients to and from the Health Centre to receive treatments and cures. 
We are excited about the prospect of serving our community and beyond with an objective to not only prevent deaths and illnesses but to also create medical tourism and bring in millions of dollars to our members with financial gains and dividends being distributed equally to all . 
We invite you to stay tuned for more information as we prepare to open, 
Please become members and get involved. For those interested in participating as medics, doctors or spiritual healers , please get in touch with the management and send your cv.
Health is wealth and Prevention is the best cure are important concepts that will be respected .

Meet The Team


Chief Executive Officer - Hage Medical

Dr. Antoine Hage

Is a Biomedical Engineer with 4 decades of experience in building, setting and implementing hospitals and health care centers including 10 hospitals from contracts received from the World Health Organization (WHO). Associate with American University Hospital of Beirut (AUH) for Lasik Center for more than 15 years. Associate with Aachen University – Germany for training Dentists to obtain Mastership in Laser Specialty.

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Professor of Clinical Emergency medicine

Dr. Amin Kazzi

Dr. Amin Kazzi MD, is a professor of Clinical Emergency medicine & the founding former chair of the department of emergency Medicine at the American University Hospital (AUH). Chief of staff at the AUB Medical Center. Served as official advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Health, working as our liaison with AUH amongst other centers.

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 Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts

Dr. Rania Kheir

Is affiliated with syndicate of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts, with expertise in Adaptational and clinical psychology. Using advanced methods including sound and light frequencies.

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Dr. Nadia Hamade-Saad

Has a PHD in integrative medicine and is an oncologist. Brings a highly advanced method of frequency and quantum health to treat and cure. Including Royal Rife technology.

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Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Halim El Ammoury

PHD, Dr. Halim El Ammoury is a certified, licensed Oral-Maxillofacial, Implantologist, and Plastic Surgeon. Owned and directed a polyclinic in Ukraine and Lebanon. Gnathology, cosmetic dentistry, dental anatomy, forensic dentistry, geriatric dentistry, restorative dentistry, and dental anesthesiology.



Dr. Noha Nassar

Is a Dermatologist that was the pioneer in introducing non-invasive laser technology with more than 30 years of experience. Licensed to train and certify.

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Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Ramzia M El-Annan

Is a Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy and expert in various other fields with licenses to operate and to train, covering departments such as Laser, Stem Cell, Platelet Rich Plasmas, Liposuction, and Clinical Skin Analysis.

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Head of Dental Medical Center

Dr. Nidal Makarem

Is an Orthodontist and Dent Facial Orthopedist, expert dentist, lead a team of 3,000 Dentists in the public sector of Venezuela, has been working on liberating humanity from chemicals, and unnecessary metals like mercury and aluminum.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 134522.png

Nutritionist & Dietitian

Dr. Lama Gharzeddien

Is a Nutritionist & Dietitian, Nutritional Psychologist, health educator specialist and nutritional instructor. BS in Nutrition & Dietetics, BS in Psychology and a Master's in Clinical Psychology.

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