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Art Gallery

Unleash Your Creativity at our Interactive Art Gallery and Workshop Space

We are thrilled to unveil our recently completed gallery space, meticulously crafted to present 30 exquisite works of art every month.


We are excited to announce the completion of our brand new gallery space, specifically designed to showcase 30 works of art each month on our international one small town art platform . Our gallery is not just a place to display beautiful artworks, but it is also a platform for auctioning and selling them. We are also offering NFT’S on our internal blockchain-like structure that will guarantee our artists royalties for the rest of their lives . All sales of auctioned art will give a share of the income to the gallery and the one small town office, which have a commitment to use these funds to support members of the academy and most importantly finance upliftment projects and important business plans within the community for the community. Promoting a new world of collaboration, co-ownership, unity and prosperity . 


Our gallery space is located in the heart of One Small Town, a vibrant and creative community that has always been supportive of the arts. The space is large enough to accommodate a diverse range of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to digital art and photography. We have made sure that the gallery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every piece of art is displayed to its best advantage.


What sets our gallery apart is our NFT blockchain platform. We are committed to leveraging the power of blockchain technology to make art accessible to everyone. By using NFTs, we can offer a secure and transparent platform for artists to sell their work directly to collectors. The blockchain provides an immutable record of ownership, ensuring that each artwork is authentic and that its value can be traced back to its original creator. We believe that our gallery and NFT blockchain platform will revolutionize the way art is bought and sold. By creating a space where artists and collectors can interact directly, we are empowering the artistic community and helping to promote creativity and innovation. We look forward to welcoming artists and art lovers from all over the world to our gallery, and we are excited to see the amazing artworks that will be showcased here from our local community artists and national artists.


Art Gallery Director

Lamya Gharzeddine Makarem 
Art Gallery Director

Lamya was born in Kuwait and showed a talent and interest in painting from a young age. Her mastery of colors and unconventional shapes enabled her to express unique subjects of feminism and mountain landscapes. Besides being recognized for her art, she has been acknowledged for her active social work and socio-political responsibilities at a local level. Lamya is the art gallery director who initiates an exceptional program in the small town of Ras El Matn that will fund various art and music activities. 
Lamya Makarem
Nabil Makarem

Nabil Makarem
Head of Gallery and Academy

Nabil was born and raised in Gabon, Central Africa, which greatly influenced their passion for art, love for animals, and attention to detail. With 15 years of experience in teaching art, they now own a private art center in Beirut called the "Nabil Makarem Art Center" where they offer classes in painting and drawing for all ages. Nabil is also the head of One Small Town Ras El Matn Gallery & Academy. The academy provides complimentary classes in art, singing, and musical instruments for all members and their children.
Ras El Matn - Art Gallery
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