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Bayt El Day3a

Building Unity Through Bayt El Day3a:

A Community That Shares and Thrives Together


In a world where division often seems to dominate the headlines, there are remarkable stories of communities that defy these odds, coming together to create something truly extraordinary. One such community is "Bayt El Day3a," a shining example of unity and cooperation. Located in the heart of REM (Region of Eternal Metamorphosis), Bayt El Day3a stands as a testament to the power of shared resources and co-ownership in bringing people together.

The Genesis of Bayt El Day3a

Bayt El Day3a, which translates to ‘Town House’ furthermore it means ,  "Home of Unity," was born out of a vision to transform a once divided neighborhood in REM into a place of harmony and cooperation. The one small town concept believed that by sharing resources and co-owning, they could foster an environment where everyone not only survived but thrived.

Shared Resources: The Cornerstone of Unity

At the heart of Bayt El Day3a's success is its unique approach to resource sharing. Members contribute their skills, assets, and time to create a pool of resources that benefits all. This includes everything from tools and equipment to knowledge and expertise. The idea is simple yet profound: when we share, we all prosper.

1. Co-ownership and Co-membership

This exceptional concept and community store is legally established and owned by the co-members. In this case all the profits are distributed fairly to all those that participate and collaborate in it. Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, dessert and more.  

From its managers, supervisors, cooks, cashiers, cleaners , hostesses and waitresses all are contributing and are earning like one another . They work in a new type of frequency, although from different cultures, backgrounds and age groups, they are all owners and co creators of an everyday visited location by the community members. The community members get a 30% discount on all items sold. 

2- Collaboration from the community members

For those that can only give 3 hours or less to the community store , they have been participating by cooking daily lunch , daily dishes, cakes, sweets, sending salsas, juices, jams, and all sorts of foods and beverages to sell in the store. They also participate in successful events, catering and constant home services & deliveries. 

3- Made in One Small Town Ras El Matn Shelf

There is a shelf inside the store that says ‘Products Made in OST Ras El Matn ’ this gives a platform and an opportunity for the community to work with each other and encourage local produce and production , which pushes us a step closer to self sustainability and to thrive . These products vary from items such as , honey , propolis, soap, shampoo, handbags, bracelets, rings, perfumes, jams, cheese, hot sauce, tshirts, pine nuts & olive oil amongst others, that are all authentically and verifiably made by the community and One Small Town members. 

4-Introduction to products that are ready to export

The one small town economic model has a goal to produce three times what we consume in certain products so that they can be sold nationally and internationally and bring in income for the community members and investors. These products have been introduced to community members, and clients through the community store . An example is The OST honey and hand made soap that have been approved to be exported to the UK through off take agreements . 


5- Introduction to Collaboration as a symbol of a fun and new change needed
We have seen teens as young as 13 years old volunteer, with their parents permission , to do safe tasks and spend 3 hours a week as a symbol of change and a reminder that what we are creating is for them the new and future generation , simultaneously we should take into consideration , that they will be helping us physically, mentally , and spiritually especially with their incredible ideas, talents and creativity . 

6- One small town souvenir shop


Tshirts, mugs, pins, stickers and more items promoting the concept of one small town which takes pride in its exceptional slogans with the one small town Ras El Matn logo to remind the residents and those passing by that change has come. Slogans like ‘ Education not Indoctrination’ , ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for ‘, & ‘We chose love, unity and prosperity’ are best sellers. 

7- A library and Members area

That includes laptops, a printer and games , for members, teens and children to help themselves, use , read and have fun with . Accessible for free that allows community members to exchange books, and tools.

8- A map and information center

A map of One Small Town Ras El Matn showing more than 10 businesses that have already successfully started , like the concept store, the academy, the gallery, the oregano farming, the bee world , the health center, the electric car company and more . Also promotions on activities taking place in the art and music academy which is located on the floor under the concept store.

Lessons from Bayt El Day3a

Bayt El Day3a's success story teaches us invaluable lessons about unity and community building:

1. Sharing Fosters Abundance

When we share resources and knowledge, we discover that there is more than enough to go around. In Bayt El Day3a, this abundance has led to prosperity and well-being for all.


2. Co-Ownership Empowers

Co-ownership not only promotes fairness but also empowers individuals to take an active role in shaping their community. Everyone's voice is heard and valued.


3. Diversity is a Strength

Diversity should be embraced, not feared. Bayt El Day3a shows that a diverse community can be a harmonious one when built on shared values.

Bayt El Day3a stands as a beacon of hope in a world that often seems fragmented. It reminds us that by coming together, sharing resources, and co-owning, we can create communities where unity and prosperity reign supreme. As we look to the future, may we draw inspiration from Bayt El Day3a and work towards building more such communities around the world, where unity is not just a dream but a daily reality.

Bayt El Day3a Team

Nagham Ghazal

As  a General Manager selected by the community Council , she understands the delicate but interesting, inspiring and exceptional journey we are on. Usually customer experience, control and keeping staff happy is the secret for a Restaurant success. But in a One small town environment, what is also important is tolerance, equality, training, sharing, community philosophies, and understanding the power of collaboration and cooperation. Nagham brings exceptional ideas and has played an important role in One Small towns success in Ras El Matn. 
Nagham Ghazal
Denize Dao

Denize Nwayhed

She has played an incredible role in leading by example, training the team , from all ages, (13 year old teens to an 80 year old women) , members giving 3 hours a week to others on part time or full time schedules. Her patience, grace and sense of humour has added to the awesome positive energy that you will find in this community store,

Ibrahim Nwayhed

Chef Bob , a culinary Expert from Lebanon, began his journey in 2013 at Naba's famous Alsafa Restaurant , mastering the art of Mashawi. He is an organized, friendly, passionate and most importantly professional Chef that has decided not to take on roles in 5 Star hotels or travel to neighbouring countries like Dubai and instead has believed in what One Small Town is about . He has moved to Ras El Matn and is embracing this  new world based on collaboration, co-ownership and prosperity. 
He loves to work with fresh local, organic, non-gmo and seasonal products, reminding us on important quotes like 'let food be thy medicine' 
Ibrahim Nwaihed
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