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Becoming a Member

Membership is free, and members benefit from being equal owners to all businesses at OST Ras el Matn. You will start benefiting from shareholder equity as soon as you are approved as a member. The benefits will range from Cash payments, transfers from profits and dividends (US$ & LL), food & beverage products, goods & services given and produced by the businesses owned by the OST Co-op. Members will collect their monthly basket of food and goods from the OST Store and Pharmacy.

Requirements for Membership:

OMT Icons

01  |  Adults aged sixteen (16) and above

02  |  Be a legal resident of Ras el Matn town

03  |  Contribute 3-hours per week to one of the businesses at OST

How to Become a Member in Lebanon:

Step 1: Click the link

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Sign Me Up

Step 3: Accept Terms and Conditions

Step 4: Fill the Form

Step 5: Submit the Application

one small town guidlines
one small town guidlines

Membership Card:

ost card

Every member of OST Ras el Matn will be allocated a Membership card to provide a unique identification to manage member accounts and funds. The card is connected to blockchain technology to provide privacy and security and will connect to OST web app, and digital wallet.

one small town guidlines

Membership App will be Used to:

01  |  Monitoring & registering member’s weekly contribution of time

02  |  Monthly allocation of dividends, cash (US$ & LL), food, goods & services given

03  | Be notified of all new and ongoing services and benefits

04  | Allocation of INFINITY Tokens for each 3-hour shift completed

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