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Michael Tellinger 

Is a South African author, politician, scientist, explorer and founder of the Ubuntu Party.

Ubuntu which translates to ‘I am, Because we are has given birth to the incredible economic model of One small town which through collaboration, co-operation & co-ownership provides prosperity for all its members.

This real life Indiana jones has made groundbreaking discoveries about Sound & our ancient world and is now proving how a simple one small town model is the answer & the solution to the many difficult situations the world has been facing.


Fayez Moukarim


Born in Beirut Lebanon, has spent 4 decades in 5 continents including Growing up in the UK & working in Venezuela, New York & Lagos Nigeria.

The aviation graduate, quantum physics, energy & health researcher came to realize very quickly that we are all earthiens and should not be living in  a world of Fear, Separation & scarcity.

Once chosen as Ambasador for Lebanon he has dedicated his time & energy into making this a reality.

Several villages have accepted this new world with Ras El Maten leading the way as a blue print for the rest.

Working with mother nature & advanced technologies creates a new world of Unity, love & Abundance.

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